Weekend Round-Up

I am so excited it’s finally the weekend. This week was exhausting! It was our homecoming week AND our county fair was in town! Both together=crazy students!

This weekend I plan on catching up on grading papers, watching football, drinking lots of coffee, read a little, and snuggling with Sammy. Sounds like a great weekend to me!

I’m am loving this weather! Fall is finally here, and I’m welcoming it with open arms! Here are some other things that I’m loving right now!

1.  Check out this perfect printable I found on Pinterest, and it’s FREE too!

2. Get your closet ready for fall here and here

3. This vegetable soup recipe looks delicious

5. I’m definitely ordering some of these throw pillows

6. Affordable fall décor found here

7. An inspiring story that makes me want to stick to my budget found here

8. One of my favorite dancers from Dancing With the Stars is engaged

9. I am to cold natured to have gotten married in the winter, but these weddings are gorgeous

10. In honor of it being October 3rd this weekend, here are some “Mean Girls” quotes

By the way, Sammy weighs 44 pounds now! If you follow me on Instagram you have seen several pictures of Sammy (sorry, not sorry.) Just in case you don’t follow me, here are a few!


Have a great weekend!

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